Dear Friends,

My name is Matt Bryers, one of the instructors of the H2H Combat System.

First: I do not want to waste your time or question your intelligence by bombarding you with ridiculously long promises of turning you into a deadly fighting machine overnight, because that's BS... You and I both know it.

In order for you to understand that this is NOT some FAKE system put together by a "wanna-be" martial artist in his basement, I would like to introduce to you the creator of the H2H Combat System: Russ "Sensei" St. Hilaire.

Russ is a 7th Degree Jujitsu Blackbelt and the founder of H2H Combat Self Defense System. Russ has a Jujitsu and Self-Defense school located in East Hartford, CT. He is also the former Hand to Hand Combat Instructor for the following Military and Police Organizations:

  • Civil Disturbance Control Instructor, US Army, Military District of Washington
  • SRT Teams Instructor for US Army, Ft. Myer and Ft. A.P. Hill
  • Instructor to Restraint and Control Instructors of Washington, DC Police Academy Instructor to Washington, DC S.W.A.T. instructors
  • Military Units in CT, MA, VA

I am also one the instructors in H2H Self-Defense combat system and co-author of this H2H Combat Manual and Video Series. I also have a Jujitsu and Self-Defense school in Cromwell, CT. Some of my martial arts experience includes:

  • Kobukai Ju-Jitsu 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Bellt
  • Ju-Jitsu, Grappling, and MMA Fighter
  • H2H Combat Instructor for Operation Iraqi Freedom soliders, police officers and security professionals.

Second: In order to have a solid program that we can offer you, YOU need to know that this program works...

What I would like to introduce to you next are some of the current "users" of the H2H Combat Program:

  • Active Soldiers
  • Navy Seals
  • Police Officers
  • Security Professionals
  • and now... Civilians

Third: The H2H Combat System is based upon tried and true techniques from a variety of martial arts, with its strongest base in Ju-Jitsu.

We all know the effectiveness of Ju-Jitsu for Mixed Martial Arts, but Ju-Jitsu was originally developed centuries ago for the battlefields of Japan. Ju-Jitsu has continued to evolve over the years and is now one of the MOST combat effective martial arts.

Below, I've highlighted some of benefits and overiew of the H2H Combat System. To see what's completely included in our system and the program we are offering, please continue to read.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to talking and helping all of you.

Matt Bryers

PS: Since we are offering this product as a new release, we are starting off the WHOLE program: manual, videos, forum, etc for a VERY low introductory rate.
This offer WILL expire on November 28, 2015 . Click here for details.


What is the H2H Combat System?

The H2H Self Defense Manual is one of the most complete and structured self defense manuals and video series that gives you the necessary combat responses to execute in 95% of all combat situations. The H2H System has been used for decades by NAVY Seals, Soldiers, Police Officers, Security Professionals. Recently this manual and video series are now available to civilians.

I know what you might be thinking - 95% of all combat situations - come on!

The reason we can make this claim is because it's actually very true. The way the H2H System is structured is based upon simplicity and using the same highly effective principles and techniques as responses to a variety of attacks and situations. This way, you are not learning complex and long movements. Instead, you are learning simple, effective responses and movements that can be applied in many situations.

Core Principles of H2H Combat System

  • K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid!
    The reason why The H2H Combat System works so effectively for Special Forces Soldiers or a 120lb woman is the simplicity and "readily available" techniques.
  • Readily Available Techniques
    There is no complication, no advanced series of techniques, just simple combat proven movements that you can readily use in any situation. To really work – H2H has to be Easy To Learn, Easy to Remember, and Easy To Execute!
  • Combat Proven
    The H2H Self Defense system has been used and taught to the USA Military, NAVY Seals, SWAT Team, SWAT Team Combat Instructors, Police Officers, Police Academy Instructors, Security Professionals, and Civilians.
  • Centuries of Refinement
    The H2H Self Defense System is primarily based on Ju-Jitsu. Ju-Jitsu is the most effective martial art used by the battlefield Samurai and has continuously evolved for the modern day warrior. As times as changed, so has the rules of combat. Our combative techniques have also evolved with combat. We have taken what works and thrown out the rest!
  • Live without Fear
    Understanding and knowing how to defend yourself in any street or military altercation gives you the confidence to live your life or do your job without concern of how you will handle yourself in these situations.
  • Don't be the Victim
    Studies have shown that the more confident you are, the less likely you will be preyed upon. Attackers want weak, powerless victims. The H2H Self Defense System fosters the Warrior Spirit and gives you the tools and mindset to defend yourself.

What Techniques are Covered?

  • Striking Techniques
    Striking techniques for real combat are different then what you see in the movies are or on TV. They need to be simple, quick, effective and devastating. The H2H Manual teaches you simple and powerful strikes that ANYONE can employ and be effective with.

    Striking Defense: Front Hug - Ears and Eyes Strike

  • Standing Defense
    Learn to easily disable and smash your opponent with combat proven throws, takedowns and joint breaks that anyone can use and master right away.

    Standing Defense: Punch Defense to Outside Leg Reap Throw

  • Ground Fighting Defense
    Over 90% of all altercations go to the ground, don't be one of those people who ignore ground fighting. Learn the devastating and effective ground fighting tactics and skills from modern combat ju-jitsu techniques.

    Ground Fighting Defense: Closed Guard to Winglock (Shoulder Break)

  • Weapons Defense
    Most attackers, if not all attackers carry a weapon. Whether it is a concealed knife, a weapon of opportunity, or a handgun - you need to know how to defend against it. The H2H Combat System gives you simple and devastating responses to take out your opponent that will leave him stunned, disabled and broken.

    Weapons Defense: Knife Stab to Armpit Lock (Arm Break)

Who Can Benefit from the H2H Self Defense Manual?

The simple answer - YOU! The H2H Manual was developed and used by the US Military and Police Officers. But, as the effectiveness of the H2H System became known, civilians wanted to learn these simple yet brutally effective self defense techniques. So, the straight-forward answer is YOU.

How much training is needed?

Front Hug Ears Eyes Strike
Click to enlarge and see actual technique

Continuing to be honest with you, some techniques will require you to train them - but they are designed to be easily learned and the movements become instinictual. There are also some techniques that are just brutally effective, simple and very easy to do with NO training.

For example the technique below called: The Ear Slap and Eye Gouge. An ear slap causes extreme amount of pain and violently disables your equilibrium, combine this with an eye gouge and you have a very effective and simple response to escape a number of bad situations. If you cannot escape, it allows to you easily tranisition into any number of takedowns, throws or other strikes.

What is Included?

  • The H2H Self Defense Combat Manual
    87 Pages Techniques and Principles of the H2H Self Defense System. MANY photos and detailed descriptions of each technique.
  • Membership
    Not only do you have the manual to reference and learn the system, but also included are all the videos of the H2H Combat System. Watch any video you want over and over again to learn and enhance your knowledge
  • Exclusive Membership Forum Access
    Interact directly with a certified H2H Combat Instructor online. Ask questions directly to our instructors and gain a better understanding of the H2H system and your combat readiness
  • Bonus # 1:
    Regularly updated techniques – FREE TILL UNTIL NEXT 6 PURCHASES

    We will be releasing more advanced techniques for the H2H Combat System with new techniques and pages for the combat manual. You will have continued access to this for a LIFETIME
  • Bonus # 2:
    Personalized Techniques

    Do you have specific scenario or problem you are facing?
    Ask us and we can provide you with a personalized video response.

  • Bonus # 3:
    Personalized Self-Defense Evaluation and Recommendations

    Take our in-depth combat evaluation and we'll give you a custom personalized response and customize your training to the test results.

New Release Offer!

We are now offering this manual and program for only $47.99. This is NOT - repeat NOT going to stay at this price! We are doing this because we want to get it out there and see how we can improve the product and benefit our customers.

EXPIRES: November 28, 2015

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Listen - if you don't like it and you don't think you can benefit from it, we'll refund your money. No questions asked, no problems. Enough said.

NOTE: H2H Self Defense Program is a downloadable e-book and membership access video site. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus videos, test and information. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF and the videos are flash, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

WARNING: The H2H combat techniques and strategies that you are about to learn are highly dangerous and should only be used when a life is severely under threat. These techniques can and WILL cause severe harm and/or death.  They should NOT be used for “fun” or for “show”.  As a Civilian, walking away is ALWAYS the first option.  If you decide to use these techniques – your life MUST be in danger.

By purchasing this Limited-Edition H2H combat system you agree to take full responsibility of any actions or consequences that may arise from the wrong use of this program.

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